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Here you will find many ways to move forward in your journey toward greater spiritual and emotional health. Our workbooks,tapes, workshops, and pastoral counseling service are all based on Belief Systems Therapy, an original model for discovering how the beliefs you have about yourself affect every aspect of your life and relationships with yourself and others.

You will be able to use these resources to make the changes you want in your life.

We have discovered that every sort of problem, including addictions, codependency, depression, anxiety, anger and rage, healing the effects of childhood abuse, relationship problems,and spiritual seeking can be helped by understanding and changing your self beliefs.
Make the changes you want to make! Follow any of the pathways listed below.

Pastoral Counseling

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Wilderness Family Counseling 

Pathways to Healing is the home page of

Gregory Wilson, D.Min., Pastoral Counselor, fellow in AAPC, founder of Belief Systems Therapy; and

Helen Wilson, Spiritual Companion, and co-author of workbooks and tapes.

We are always available via e-mail to help you on your healing journey.

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