Helen Wilson, spiritual companion

Helen WilsonI was trained in “Spiritual Direction,” which traditionally involved seeking to discern the direction God wants our lives to take. For me, being a Spiritual Companion has the broader sense of listening together for the spirit which permeates all of existence, and working to attune our spirits to that of all beings around us, including the earth itself.

The founder of the Unitarian Universalist Spiritual Directors’ Network (UUSDN) has said, “There is a growing hunger for spirituality and spiritual companioning in our culture, and UUs are no exception.” Spiritual Direction from the UU perspective is described here.

I have a B.S. in psychology, and a Certificate in Spiritual Formation and Direction from the Institute for Pastoral Studies in Atlanta, Georgia. The merging of psychology and spirituality is my primary interest, especially Jungian psychology and using Guided Imagery for healing.

I am a grandmother, mother, and daughter, and with my partner, Gregory, and my mother, Betty, live part-time in Port Saint Lucie, Florida and Vershire, Vermont.

If you are interested in scheduling a time to meet, please email me at hhwilson@gmail.com.