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Dr. Gregory Wilson offers affordable counseling for individuals, families, couples, children. He works on a sliding scale fee, ranging from $30 to $90 per hour. He has 30 years experience, including working as an Adolescent Addictions Counselor in Florida. Appointments are available now, Monday, Wednesday, or Friday at his office in East Thetford, Vermont. Gregory specializes in codependency, anxiety and depression, intimacy and communication issues. Call Dr. Wilson, 802-685-1540 or 772-871-6010, or email Office is #4, Bushway Insurance Building, (enter from parking lot in back of building) 2945 US-5, East Thetford VT.

Dr. Wilson …

    •  works with individuals and couples for short or long-term counseling, including pre-marital counseling
    • helps clients use spiritual resources for growth and healing
    • offers workshops and workbooks on topics including Anger and Resentment, Spiritual Growth, Codependency, Relationships, and Divorce Recovery
    • works with individuals experiencing depression, anxiety, loss of meaning, job stress, trauma-recovery, anger, intimacy issues, as well as personal and professional development.
    • counsels couples for communication problems, marital discord, loss of romance, blending families.
    • works on a sliding scale, fees ranging from $30-$90.

Call for appointment: (772) 871-6010;  or e-mail.

More information on Pastoral Counseling can be found here ( – website of the American Association of Pastoral Counselors).


Q: What is Pastoral Counseling?

A: (Adapted from the AAPC website) Pastoral Counseling is a unique form of psychotherapy which uses spiritual resources as well as psychological understanding for healing and growth.
Pastoral Counselors are certified mental health professionals who have had in-depth religious and/or theological training. Because Pastoral Counselors are trained in both psychology and theology, they can provide psychological as well as spiritual guidance to individuals and families.

Q: How would I benefit from Pastoral Counseling?

A: At any time, individuals, couples or families can be confronted by uncertainties and life experiences which threaten to exhaust emotional and spiritual resources. The loss of a loved one, parent-teen conflict, loss of job or the care of an elderly parent are just a few of life’s transitions and crises that can be depleting.

Q: How is Pastoral Counseling different from traditional Psychotherapy?

A: Pastoral Counseling is very much the same as any other type of counseling you might seek from a psychotherapist, except that a pastoral counselor also has training in issues of spirituality and faith, and will always respect your beliefs, whatever they may be, and will help you integrate what you believe into how you resolve your current problems. While some individuals turn to a psychologist, social worker or psychiatrist, others want support and the opportunity to discuss their problems or illness in a spiritual context.

Q: I am on medication for depression. Can I still benefit from counseling?

: Research has shown that a combination of counseling and medication is more effective than medication alone in helping a person deal with depression.

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